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ChicProClean, LLC 

ChicProClean, LLC

9N909 Koshare Trail

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2/15/2022 | 4/1/23



1. Welcome

2. Purpose of This Document

3. Our Core Values

4. Mission Statement

5. At-Will Employment

6. Compensation Policy and Payroll

7. Employee Benefits

8. Ending Employment

9. Employee Schedule Policy

10. Reporting Accurate Time Worked. 

11. Job Completion Times.

12. Meal Break and Breaks Policy.  

13. Travel Policy and Mileage Reimbursement

14. Attendance and Absenteeism Policy

14a. Attendance Policy. 

15. Paid or unpaid Time Off Policy. 

16. Non-Paid Time Off and Holidays. 

17. Performance Reviews

18. Dress Code and Overall Appearance.  

19. Use of Technology Policy and Equipment

20. Cleaning Equipment and Supplies. 

21. Social Media Policy

22. Communication Policy

23. Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure

24. Smoking, Alcohol and Substance Abuse

25. Attachments. 

26. New Hire Forms- Download


ChicProClean, LLC would like to welcome you to our family of employees. 

You are the most important asset we have. We depend on each team member to provide the best  service, and customer care as possible. 

This manual will help you understand the rules and policies which helped get us to where we are today.

Since our company opened its doors in 2016 till today, we are experiencing rapid growth and became the highest rated cleaning service in McHenry County. For years we have made business decisions necessary to ensure our success. The most recent decision was hiring you, and we are certain we made the right choice.


This Employee Handbook has been designed to help new and current team members familiarize themselves with ChicProClean’s policies, procedures and business culture. Other aspects of employment with our company which do not appear should be addressed with your immediate supervisor. 

Wherever this manual states “The Company”,  “Company” , "CPC" it means ChicProClean, LLC and our physical worksites. All those rules apply for all the employees who work at client locations. 


​The combined action

of every team member,  to be effective and efficient.

Working together to achieve the common goal of providing value to our customers

and to sustain profitable growth.

​The ability  to provide and consistently meet/exceed and manage our clients expectations.

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness towards everyone around you: client, team member you work with, supervisor, and yourself.  

​We treat co-workers and customers with appreciation, kindness and politeness, keeping personal opinions of others private and not engaging in any form of gossip.  We respect the policies, the people we work with, the company, its assets and ourselves. We protect our client’s privacy. 

​Taking responsibility to complete your tasks, to perform the duties required by your job and to be present for your shifts in order to fulfill and further the goals of the company.

​Adhering to the company’s standards and expectations in regards to appearance, attitude, behavior and performance when dealing with co-workers and customers.

​Being punctual and dependable results in being committed to the team, our customers and the company.

We are committed to improving ourselves personally and professionally which will lead to greater opportunities in the company and healthier relationships.


Our philosophy is simple:

Anything that can be improved, deserves to be improved. 


Whether we are talking about quality of work on a daily basis, best practices, personal growth, time to complete jobs etc. If we can do better, we should do everything in our power to do better. Constant improvement is the only way to succeed. 


ChicProClean, LLC offers At-Will working environment in which the Company is free to terminate employees at any time, without cause, explanation or prior warning. Similarly, employees can quit a job at any time without reason or notice.


As of January 1st 2023 a minimum wage in the State of Illinois is $13/h.


For any potential new hire there is a trial/training period. The trial period depends on how quickly the new hire adapts to our procedures and learns necessary skills to perform the job correctly and in a timely manner. Trial period can last up to 3 months before the first raise. 

Pay plan is tailored individually based on knowledge, experience, skill. 


ChicProClean, LLC starting pay is $15/h with or without experience, unless discussed otherwise. 

After the trial period starting pay will be adjusted based on experience and skill. 


On the first day of the trial period ChicProClean, LLC requires all required forms to be filled out and signed

(W-9 and W-4) and a copy of Driver’s License needs to be provided along with the current address. 

ChicProClean, LLC pays its employees every 2 weeks via Zelle, Bank Transfers or Company Checks (Employee must have a bank account). 

All employees (current and potential hire) are under Payroll or Subcontractor Rules depending on the specific terms discussed individually. 


As a small growing business that is unable to predict its long term needs, ChicProClean, LLC reserves the right to change pay plan/hourly pay/bonus pay at any time. 

Minimum of 2 weeks notice will be provided if any changes need to be made. 


  • Paid time off (PTO) and paid vacation days 

  • Schedule Flexibility

  • Performance Based Bonuses and Incentives 

  • Professional Skill Improvement

  • Employee Discounts

  • Worker’s Compensation Benefits for work related injuries (lost wages, disability, medical coverage)

  • See Attachment 1- Employee Benefits.


Company’s At- Will Employment means ChicProClean, LLC can end employment at any time, for any reason, without any written notice. 

The same rule applies, if an employee wishes to end our relationship, she/he is free to do so without written notice. 

2 weeks notice if preferred but not required. Verbal notice is enough to end employment at any time. 


ChicProClean offers full and part time positions as well as flexible schedules to help employees face the demands of juggling work, family and personal obligations by offering a number of possible flexible work arrangements.


All ChicProClean’s employees will be considered for alternative work scheduling on a case-by-case basis in situations where creative work schedules have been shown to accomplish both work and personal goals, to provide coverage for individual department operations and to serve ChicProClean as a whole with increased productivity at no expense to quality output.


Full time employees work at least 30 hours per week. However, work schedules may vary including differing full time, part-time, required overtime, flexible and seasonal schedules to accommodate the operational needs of the Company. 


Employees are paid for the work performed as regulated under applicable state and federal laws. Employees are expected to work their regular scheduled shift.


Unless otherwise specified ChicProClean’s work week is Monday-Friday. Weekend work arrangements are only voluntary, and are paid by the job instead of hourly-specified before scheduling a weekend job. 


Unless otherwise specified, the workday starts at 8am. Typical day consists of anywhere between 2-4 homes. 

Due to the fact that each day consists of different sizes of homes, it is impossible to determine exact off time each day. As a Company we try our best not to exceed 8h work day, but it happens sometimes. On the other hand some days can be 4-6h long as well. The nature of this industry can be unpredictable with last minute cancellations as well or last minute scheduled jobs. Our schedule is set one week ahead only. 

If the job is canceled at the last minute and the Company is not able to fill this time with another job, free time is considered a non-paid break, and employee should clock-out for the time being. 


Each employee is responsible for maintaining accurate time and attendance records. For each employee, a time record must be completed for each day and submitted by a Jobber App.

All employees are required to:

  1. Report actual time worked

  2. Accurately record meal break- clock out.

  3. Notify the department manager of needed edits (the same day text needs to be sent to 224-269-8825

Managers are required to approve an employee’s time record to ensure the verification of all hours reported. The time record must record the total number of hours actually worked each day. Under no circumstances should a time record be edited by an employee. All changes or errors must be reported for correction to the supervisors. 

It is unacceptable to clock-in before arriving at the job site, or keep being clocked in after the job is done for the day.

Location in Jobber APP must be on for each employee- no exceptions. 

Any attempt to report inaccurate time worked will be followed by write-up and conversation with the supervisor. 


Every job has expected time to be completed that is reflected on the schedule. Schedule includes necessary drive time to the second job, etc. It is the Team Lead responsibility to create a workflow to complete jobs in a timely manner and check the drive time to the next job. If you are running late you must send a running late text, and

send a text to 224-269-8825, so the office can inform clients about the situation. 


If you are unable to complete jobs within the time that is scheduled for 2 consecutive visits, CPC will need to evaluate and find out how to improve times and keep the schedule in place. SLOWING DOWN THE PROCESS ON PURPOSE OR TRYING TO STAY CLOCK IN FOR LONGER THAN NECESSARY TO COLLECT MORE HOURS IS NUMBER ONE REASON FOR IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. 


ChicProClean collects the data of the timers and job completions to be able to compare best times, average times from all teams over the course of months and years, and CPC is aware and confident how long jobs should be taking on average. 


An employee who is to work 7 1/2 continuous hours or more shall be provided a meal period of at least 20 minutes. Meal break should not exceed 30 min. The meal period must be given to an employee no later than 5 hours after beginning work. Every employee must clock-out for the meal break-and clock back in when returning to work. 

Due to a specific schedule ChicProClean works with, all employees who choose to take a meal break will do it no later than 12pm, and it will have to be reflected on a daily schedule, and scheduled 72h in advance in order to keep stability of the schedule and avoid late arrivals to next worksite. 

According to Illinois State Law ChicProClean, LLC is not required to provide work brakes. As an employee you are required to travel directly from job to job, unless you will be on a meal break. Under no circumstances should be clocked in for coffee trips, or any other personal time. 


ChicProClean, LLC pays for the travel time between job sites.

Clock in starts when the employee arrives at the first client (physically be at the first job location) and stops when the employee finishes the last job for the day. ChicProClean does not pay for the travel time from home to work, or work to home, as well for any traveling time between meal breaks that are taken outside the route to the next scheduled job. 


Employees who use their vehicle to travel between scheduled jobs will be reimbursed at 0.56 per mile. Employees who will receive a reimbursement are required to accurately keep track of miles driven and submit via e-mail 

to, every Monday before noon in order to get reimbursed for mileage on the next pay day. If the employee fails to submit Mileage Reimbursement Sheet, miles won't be paid. 


As a rule ChicProClean will only use Google Maps to keep track of miles, and will use the shortest route available.

See Attachment 2- Mileage Reimbursement Sheet


You are hired to perform an important function at ChicProClean.  As with any group effort, it takes cooperation and commitment from everyone to operate effectively. Attendance and punctuality negatively affects many people within the company as well as clients. 

Therefore, your attendance and punctuality are very important. Absences cause a slow-down in the work and added burdens for your fellow employees.  Good attendance is something that is expected from all employees. You should be at work by the start of each workday at the time designated by the department.  Excessive absenteeism or tardiness will not be tolerated and will be cause for disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

We do realize, however, that there are times when absences and tardiness cannot be avoided. Regardless of the reason for your absence, you are expected to properly notify your supervisor on duty at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled work time.  Leaving a message does not qualify as notifying your supervisor.  You must personally contact your supervisor.  Lack of a telephone or absence from town is not an excuse for failing to notify your supervisor of absence or tardiness.  You should call every day that you are absent unless you are on an approved leave of absence. Unreported and unexcused absences of two consecutive work days will be considered a voluntary resignation of employment with the Company.


The following are considered infractions for ChicProClean's attendance policy:

  • Absence without a call

  • Absence without prior warning

  • Lateness

  • Departure before a shift's official end

  • Late returns from lunch or break

If employees are going to be sick or absent, they need to call their respective manager at least 72h before the official start time of their shift. Employees are granted 3 non-paid sick/personal days per year, which will not roll over between years of employment. Those days are not vacation days. 

Absence without a call or notification from an employee will result in an immediate conversation with the respective manager and could result in employment termination. 2 absences without a call will be treated as a voluntary employment termination. 

Lateness is defined as a failure to clock in within 10 minutes of an employee's official shift start time (8am). Lateness can also apply to when employees clock in after breaks or lunch, but the grace period will only be 5 minutes. Keep in mind that when an employee clocks in will also be directly reflected in a paycheck. After 5 instances of tardiness, an employee will have to speak with a manager about the problem. If there's another 3 instances of tardiness after that conversation, the employee will be terminated. Lateness will be counted on a bi-weekly basis. 

Leaving before a shift's official end is prohibited, unless otherwise approved by a manager. If an employee leaves before the end of their shift, this will be counted as being late. If a worker has to leave because they are sick, this will count toward the overall number of sick days that worker has. 

Policy exemptions:

Bereavement, jury duty and military duty are all exemptions from disciplinary action, as are FMLA- and ADA-related absences. In the case of bereavement, jury duty and military duty, employees have to speak to their managers within 3 days of the absence. 


See Attachment 1. Employee Benefits for Paid Time Off. 

All other requested days off are considered non paid. We do not offer paid sick leave, or personal leave. 

All vacations, sick leave, personal leave, any other day-off requests must be submitted minimum 72 (for emergencies) prior to requested day and are LIMITED TO 3 PER YEAR. If you are in need of more than 3 days off per year, or we notice attendance inconsistency, we will be open to talk about flexible work schedules or part time schedules to fix the attendance issue. 

Minimum 2 months notice is required for vacations longer than a day. 


We aren't legally required to give employees days off for federal or state holidays, but we do recognize the fact that this time off can be beneficial for you in order to maintain good work-life-family balance. Here are the holidays that we will consider non-paid days off. Unless requested- there won’t be any work scheduled on those days:

New Year's Day, Memorial Day , Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. 

If any of you would like to work any of those days, let us know ahead of time so we can get that scheduled. 


Here at ChicProClean our mission statement is simple:

Anything that can be improved deserves to be improved. 

This is the reason why we are implementing this simple but needed policy. 

Our company has a general definition of what good performance looks like. To achieve a good performance evaluation, you should:


  • Meet your targets consistently.

  • Complete your job duties as expected and in a timely manner.

  • Show a willingness to learn and develop.

  • Follow our Core Values and other company policies.

  • Have a good attitude and collaborate well with your colleagues.


Each employee may excel in one aspect and need improvement in another. But, to remain employed with our company, you should meet a minimum standard for all of these aspects and show a willingness to improve where appropriate.

We will conduct quarterly performance reviews. During these reviews, we will fill out your performance evaluation report, and arrange a meeting with you to discuss your review. 

Through these discussions, we will aim to:

  • Recognize employees who are great at their jobs.

  • Talk about career moves and employee motivations.

  • Discuss future career moves.

  • Identify areas of improvement.

  • During performance meetings feel free to discuss any concerns you have. If you need to talk to your manager about a particular issue, reach out as soon as possible.


Our Company requires that employees dress neatly and appropriately at all times and that they maintain adequate personal hygiene. The success of any company is reliant on the support and goodwill of its customers.

For this reason, it is important that ChicProClean maintains a professional image. 

As representatives of this company, employees must adhere to the dress code policy.


This policy applies to all employees of ChicProClean, LLC.  

  • Our main clothing color is BLACK (black t-shirts, shirts, pants). Skirts are not allowed. Company provides uniforms after hiring process is complete. All uniforms are CPC property and need to be returned if the employment ends. Failure to return uniforms will result deductions from the final paycheck.  Work attire is provided at no cost. 

  • Until uniforms are provided employee should wear black clothing. 

  • All clothing should be comfortable and allow for easy movements. 

  • We encourage you to wear indoor only shoes during cleaning for safety and good balance purposes. No flip flops or any other open toe shoes. Only athletic shoes that won’t leave marks on the floors are allowed.

  • All clothing should be clean, ironed and in good shape. Desist from opting for clothes that display discernible tears, rips or holes, even if it is the current fashion.

  • All employees should maintain an acceptable level of bodily hygiene to ensure that interactions with other staff and clients remain positive and pleasant.

  • Work clothes should be professional, which means that it should not be too revealing or casual.

  • We urge that staff please remove visible body piercings during work hours. We strongly encourage not to wear any jewelry, watches etc. due to the fact that we work with water and chemicals- ChicProClean won’t be responsible for any damages this may cause. 

  • The company has no policy against visible tattoos (unless on face, neck) but urges that staff cover these when possible and practical.

  • We require all employees to look neat and clean which includes clean haircuts, trimmed beards, etc.


ChicProClean, LLC provides certain technologies, applications, tools and software necessary to perform daily tasks.

Those technologies and tools are provided at no costs to employees, but need to be used according to the rules stated below:


  • Number one tool to clock-in/out, record breaks, time, starts and stops timers, information about each job, job notes, schedule, text messaging with clients. This is a daily tool that each employee will use. 

  • Location needs to be ON while using Jobber- at all times-no exemptions.

  • All Employees are required to clock-in when arriving at the first job site and clock-out when finished last. If taking meal breaks (up to 30min) all employees must clock-out. If edits are needed- report immediately. 

  • All Employees must start and stop timers at each job. Timer starts when arriving at the job site, stops when leaving the job site. 

  • All Employees must check notes with instructions before each job, and team leads need to update notes as needed, provide pictures and upload in notes for the future reference. 

  • Any “complaint” conversation or positive feedback conversation that client has with the team lead needs to be put in notes for training purposes and for general knowledge about the house. 

  • Schedule can change at the last minute due to cancellations. Check Jobber's schedule daily, check Open Phone Chat. Last minute cancellations are considered NON PAID BREAK. 

  • Team Leads are required to send a text message to every client at least 30min before arrival. In the case of being late- text needs to be sent an hour before with “running late message” and report to management immediately in case the client decides to cancel or reschedule. 

  • All client information that is in Jobber application (names, addresses, garage codes, door codes, notes) is subject to Clients Privacy Policy and under no circumstances should be shared with anyone outside of the workplace. 


Company uses an Open Phone Application which allows to Group Chat with all the Team Members, send updates and communicate on a daily basis. Application uses an official phone number which is 224-269-8825. 

When communicating via Group Chat and sending any updates- every employee is required to send a text message back with the acknowledgment that they saw an update and understand changes. 

All communication between management and employees or between employees, must occur with that phone number.

All phone calls are recorded, and by becoming a member of our team you agree to the recording policy. 


ChicProClean uses Google Sheets and Gmail Accounts for any electronic forms or additional updates and uses a sharing option to exchange documents. 

Every new employee will create an email built with this structure:



Official Office Email is: 


ChicProClean provides all cleaning supplies to all clients. We come to each job equipped in vacuums, mop buckets, tools and brushes, cleaning chemicals, etc. Typically every regular clients is provided with microfiber cleaning cloths that stay in every clients house for us to use. Some of the regular clients didn't approve that policy and that is reflected in the job notes. After each regular service is done team member is obligated to start the wash of microfiber cleaning cloths if the washer is empty, or leave them near the washer. Always read specific instructions about the wash since some clients have different preferences. 

Regular clients should always provide: 1-2 rolls of paper towels per cleaning, 2 garbage bags, unless different instructions are provided. 

MOVE IN/OUT cleanings, some of the initial deep cleanings are different than regular maintenance cleanings. In those cases we always bring everything including garbage bags, paper towels, microfiber cleaning cloths. 

  • Every Wednesday Team Lead is obligated to send an email to with the attached list of supplies needed for next work week. 

  • New supplies drop off typically occurs on Friday the same week. If Friday won't be possible, office will send a text with the supplies drop off day.

  • Vacuum filters need to be changed weekly, every Friday after last job. You will be provided clean vacuum filters with the supplies drop off. 

  • Every job requires new set of cleaning cloths and clean mop head. It is unacceptable to use dirty mop heads or cleaning clothes at the next job. 

  • Some of the vacuums are marked as NO ANIMAL VACUUMS. These are only used at the houses that have no pets and you cannot use any other vacuum at those jobs due to allergies or cross contamination. 

  • Unless specified in the job notes, we can't use client's vacuums, mops or any other equipment or supplies that belong to the client. Some clients ask us to use their supplies and that is ok only if mentioned in the job notes. .

All cleaning tools, supplies and equipment are ChicProClean’s property, and need to be handled with care and responsibility:

  • Keep vacuums and caddies clean and ready. 

  • Clean tools and buckets every day after completion of daily assignments. 

  • Report any damages immediately. Especially not working vacuum. You will be provided a new one at the job site immidiately. 

  • Under no circumstances cleaning equipment or supplies should be use for personal purposes. 

  • All supplies must be returned to CPC at the end of employment to avoid deductions from the final paycheck. 


Social media has become an integral part of modern life. It keeps us in touch with friends and family, it informs us about our world, and it gives us a platform allowing us to be heard. Social media can be a powerful force for good, and we want to encourage ChicProClean employees to use social media in positive ways. When you are online, we have three requests for you:


  • Disclose your relationship to ChicProClean

  • Protect ChicProClean

  • Use common sense when posting


Social media is rapidly changing, and these policies evolve along with it. Check back frequently to make certain the policies haven’t changed to keep pace.

What do our policies mean? They mean that we trust you. We bring smart people into the CPC family and we expect you to make smart decisions. This means that you are both the person in the best position to tell the world why CPC is such an amazing place to be and the person best suited to protect CPC from harm.


Social media creates opportunities to champion ChicProClean and for personal expression, but it also creates risks and responsibilities. You should assume that anything you do on social media – whether on a business or personal account – could be viewed by a colleague, supervisor, partner, supplier, competitor, investor, customer or potential customer. Your activity on social media reflects on ChicProClean and can impact the work environment, and, subject to applicable law, will not be exempt from this policy just because it occurred on a personal account or as a ChicProClean team member.


This policy supplements other CPC policies and standards, including the CPC’s Core Values. If your post would violate a CPC’s policy in another forum, it will also violate it on social media. Team members who violate this or other CPC’s policies may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment in accordance with the local laws. 

As a ChicProClean team member, you are required to follow these principles in all social media activity:


  • Be Nice, Have Fun and Connect! Remember, even when you are on a personal account, your social media activity could be seen by customers or potential customers, so you should treat every interaction on social media as if you are dealing with a potential customer. While we value employee privacy and a diversity of perspectives across our workforce, ChicProClean has zero tolerance for racism, bigotry, misogyny, express or implied threats of harassment or physical harm, or hate speech.


  • Protect Information. You are also prohibited from sharing customer or team member personally identifiable information on external social media sites. For example, if you engage with a customer about a complaint or any other issue on social media, you should not include any identifying information about that person. As a rule, you should never post personal information about someone else on social media without their permission. This could cause damage to that person, to your reputation and relationships. 


  • Be Transparent and Disclose. When you talk about ChicProClean on social media, you should disclose that you work for ChicProClean. Your friends may know where you work, but their network of friends and colleagues may not, and you don't want to accidentally mislead someone. You should use the #Iwork4ChicProClean hashtag in any post that discusses ChicProClean. 


  • Follow the Law, Follow the Core Values. To avoid violating trademark, copyright or publicity rights, do not post images or other content without the consent of those who own or appear in the media. When you quote others, be sure to credit them and, if appropriate, add a link. You are also personally responsible for complying with any terms of the social media platform you are using.


Above All- Be responsible!

Make sure you're engaging in social media conversations the right way. You should avoid posting content that might contain legal conclusions, intellectual property that belongs to other companies, or defamatory or inflammatory language. Everything you post online can be traced back to you, so be sure what you post is appropriate before you post it. Your post might be shared with others and archived even if you delete it later.


In a nutshell:

  • If you’re not sure you should post it, then don’t

  • Avoid online arguments

  • Identify your opinion as your own

  • What goes on the internet stays on the internet

  • Be nice and have fun

  • Be kind

  • Respect the company

  • Post cautiously

  • Make connections, respect others and represent the company  professionally above all else


At ChicProClean, responsiveness, courtesy, tact and consideration should guide each employee in relationships with fellow workers and the public. It is mandatory that each employee in this organization shows maximum respect to every other person in the organization and other contacts in a business context. 

The purpose of communication should be to help others and to make our business run as effectively as possible, thereby gaining the respect of our colleagues and customers.

  • Courtesy, friendliness, and a spirit of helpfulness are important and guide the company’s dealings with employees and customers.

  • Differences of opinion should be handled privately and discreetly. Gossip and backbiting are to be avoided. 

  • Communicate directly with the person or persons involved to resolve differences.

  • Conservative criticism — that which will improve business by clarifying or instructing — should be welcomed when delivered with respect and tact. 

  • Destructive criticism — that which is designed to harm business or another person — is not to be practiced.

  • Feedback is encouraged! If you feel that there is anything that we can do better as a Company- share it!

Employees should strive to maintain a civil work atmosphere at all times and refrain from shouting, yelling, using vulgarities or swearing at co-workers or customers.

The standard of CPC is a work environment free from disparaging remarks about religion, ethnicity, sexual preferences, appearance and other non-work related matters. Each employee has the responsibility to foster an understanding of others’ differences in order to create an environment where those differences contribute to a better organization.

Inappropriate remarks based on any of the following are not tolerated and such behavior will result in immediate termination of employment: race, religion, ethnic origin, physical attributes, mental or physical disability, color, ancestry, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, citizenship and/or age. Inappropriate remarks include those that treat a group of people in a uniform way, assign a behavior in a disparaging way, imply inferiority of a group, are supposedly funny at someone else’s expense, and/or cause embarrassment or distress to others based on comments about a particular group of people.


Every scheduled client receives 2 text reminders before our arrival- 72h prior and 24h prior. That means clients expect us to show up at certain times. Importance of showing up on time is crucial once the texts are sent. 

Team Leads are required to send a text message the day of cleaning at least 30min before arrival time. If running late more than 30 min, text “running late'' needs to be sent out and the manager needs to be informed in case the client decides to cancel or reschedule. 

Any other communication with the clients is not allowed, except when specified (for example asking for reviews- via Jobber text messaging app).

In case of lock out, damages, any other events- managers need to be informed immediately. Any damages need to be reported along with the photo. 


ChicProClean is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits unlawful discriminatory practices, including harassment. Therefore, CPC expects that all relationships among team members will be business-like and free of explicit bias, prejudice and harassment.

CPC has developed this policy to ensure that all its employees can work in an environment free from unlawful harassment, discrimination and retaliation. CPC will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all concerned are familiar with these policies and are aware that any complaint in violation of such policies will be investigated and resolved appropriately.

Any employee who has questions or concerns about these policies should talk with the management. These policies should not, and may not, be used as a basis for excluding or separating individuals of a particular gender, or any other protected characteristic, from participating in business or work-related social activities or discussions. In other words, no one should make the mistake of engaging in discrimination or exclusion to avoid allegations of harassment. The law and the policies of CPC prohibit disparate treatment on the basis of sex or any other protected characteristic, with regard to terms, conditions, privileges and perquisites of employment. The prohibitions against harassment, discrimination and retaliation are intended to complement and further those policies, not to form the basis of an exception to them.

Equal employment opportunity

It is the policy of CPC to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law. CPC prohibits any such discrimination or harassment.


CPC encourages reporting of all perceived incidents of discrimination or harassment among the team members or in any interaction with the client. It is the policy of the CPC to promptly and thoroughly investigate such reports. CPC prohibits retaliation against any individual who reports discrimination or harassment or participates in an investigation of such reports.


Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment constitutes discrimination and is illegal under federal, state and local laws. For the purposes of this policy, “sexual harassment” is defined, as in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Guidelines, as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when, for example: a) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment, b) submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual, or c) such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 recognizes two types of sexual harassment: a) quid pro quo and b) hostile work environment. Sexual harassment may include a range of subtle and not-so-subtle behaviors and may involve individuals of the same or different gender. Depending on the circumstances, these behaviors may include unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors; sexual jokes and innuendo; verbal abuse of a sexual nature; commentary about an individual’s body, sexual prowess or sexual deficiencies; leering, whistling or touching; insulting or obscene comments or gestures; display in the workplace of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; and other physical, verbal or visual conduct of a sexual nature.


Harassment on the basis of any other protected characteristic is also strictly prohibited. Under this policy, harassment is verbal, written or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of his or her race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law, or that of his or her relatives, friends or associates, and that: a) has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment, b) has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance, or c) otherwise adversely affects an individual’s employment opportunities.

Harassing conduct includes epithets, slurs or negative stereotyping; threatening, intimidating or hostile acts; denigrating jokes; and written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual or group that is placed on walls or elsewhere on the employer’s premises or circulated in the workplace, on company time or using company equipment by email, phone (including voice messages), text messages, social networking sites or other means.

Individuals and Conduct Covered

These policies apply to all applicants and employees, whether related to conduct engaged in by fellow employees or by someone not directly connected to CPC (e.g., an outside vendor, consultant or customer).

Conduct prohibited by these policies is unacceptable in the workplace and in any work-related setting outside the workplace, such as during business trips, business meetings and business-related social events.

Reporting an Incident of Harassment, Discrimination or Retaliation

CPC encourages reporting of all perceived incidents of discrimination, harassment or retaliation, regardless of the offender’s identity or position. Individuals who believe that they have been the victim of such conduct should discuss their concerns with their immediate supervisor. See the complaint procedure described below.

In addition, CPC encourages individuals who believe they are being subjected to such conduct to promptly advise the offender that his or her behavior is unwelcome and to request that it be discontinued. Often this action alone will resolve the problem. CPC  recognizes, however, that an individual may prefer to pursue the matter through complaint procedures.


Complaint Procedure

Individuals who believe they have been the victims of conduct prohibited by this policy or believe they have witnessed such conduct should discuss their concerns with their immediate supervisor.

CPC encourages the prompt reporting of complaints or concerns so that rapid and constructive action can be taken before relationships become irreparably strained. Therefore, while no fixed reporting period has been established, early reporting and intervention have proven to be the most effective method of resolving actual or perceived incidents of harassment.

Any reported allegations of harassment, discrimination or retaliation will be investigated promptly. The investigation may include individual interviews with the parties involved and, where necessary, with individuals who may have observed the alleged conduct or may have other relevant knowledge.

CPC will maintain confidentiality throughout the investigatory process to the extent consistent with adequate investigation and appropriate corrective action.

Retaliation against an individual for reporting harassment or discrimination or for participating in an investigation of a claim of harassment or discrimination is a serious violation of this policy and, like harassment or discrimination itself, will be subject to disciplinary action. Acts of retaliation should be reported immediately and will be promptly investigated and addressed.

Misconduct constituting harassment, discrimination or retaliation will be dealt with appropriately. Responsive action may include, for example, training, referral to counseling or disciplinary action such as a warning, reprimand, withholding of a promotion or pay increase, reassignment, temporary suspension without pay, or termination, as CPC] believes appropriate under the circumstances.

False and malicious complaints of harassment, discrimination or retaliation (as opposed to complaints that, even if erroneous, are made in good faith) may be the subject of appropriate disciplinary action.


ChicProClean, LLC intends to help provide a safe and drug-free work environment for our clients and our employees. With this goal in mind and because of the serious drug abuse problem in today's workplace, we are establishing the following policy for existing and future employees of ChicProClean.

The Company explicitly prohibits:

  • The use, possession, solicitation for, or sale of narcotics or other illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication without a prescription on Company or customer premises or while performing an assignment.

  • Being impaired or under the influence of legal or illegal drugs or alcohol away from the Company or customer premises, if such impairment or influence adversely affects the employee's work performance, the safety of the employee or of others, or puts at risk the Company's reputation.

  • Possession, use, solicitation for, or sale of legal or illegal drugs or alcohol away from the Company or customer premises, if such activity or involvement adversely affects the employee's work performance, the safety of the employee or of others, or puts at risk the Company's reputation.

  • The presence of any detectable amount of prohibited substances in the employee's system while at work, while on the premises of the company or its customers, or while on company business. "Prohibited substances" include illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs not taken in accordance with a prescription given to the employee.

  • Smoking cigarettes is prohibited in front of client’s homes or close proximity. 

  • Smoking cigarettes is allowed between jobs if not affecting arrival times and schedule. 


Company will conduct drug and/or alcohol testing under any of the following circumstances:

  • RANDOM TESTING: Employees may be selected at random for drug and/or alcohol testing at any interval determined by the Company


Attachment 1: Employee Benefits:

Paid Time Off (PTO) and Vacation Days (W4 only, not for subcontractors)

In Illinois, an employer is not required to provide its employees with vacation benefits, either paid or unpaid. An employer is required to pay these benefits only if it has established a policy, promised, or contracted to provide them.  


ChicProClean values you, your work and the time commitment that comes with it.  We understand that vacation time is crucial for proper balance in life. After one year of employment we offer 1 week of paid vacation days (5 days) , second year- 6 total days, and after 5 years of employment- 10 days, that must be used within the next 12 months.

If vacation days are not used, they can’t be accumulated- use it or lose it policy applies. 

Schedule Flexibility

ChicProClean offers full and part time positions as well as flexible schedules to help employees face the demands of juggling work, family and personal obligations by offering a number of possible flexible work arrangements.


All ChicProClean’s employees will be considered for alternative work scheduling on a case-by-case basis in situations where creative work schedules have been shown to accomplish both work and personal goals, to provide coverage for individual department operations and to serve ChicProClean as a whole with increased productivity at no expense to quality output. Let us know what your needs are and we will work with you. 

Mon-Fri work week. No weekends unless voluntary


Employee Discounts

We are happy to offer a 20% discount of any of our services if you or your family/friend is looking for a quality cleaning service. 

Workers Compensation Benefits 

All our payroll employees are under Workers Compensation Policy Benefits that provides benefits to employees who get injured or sick from a work-related cause. It also includes disability benefits, missed wage replacement and death benefits. Workers' comp also reduces your liability for work-related injuries and illnesses.

See Attachment 2- Mileage Reimbursement Sheet- DOWNLOAD



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